Cristina Ferreira “exposes” message after “surprising” moment: “What a privilege to have you representing us as a nation…”

Cristina Ferreira took to social media on the afternoon of this Friday, August 5, to share excerpts from the interview that Sarah Ferguson gave her for the magazine “Cristina”.

Hours later, the TVI presenter “exposed” some of the messages she received, which left her heart full: “People. Each with a story.” it can be read in the caption of the publication where it reveals a touching message.

“Cristina, I just saw the last post you published and I was so proud of you. What a privilege it is for me, as a Portuguese emigrant to Switzerland, to have you represent us as a nation, day after day. Showing that even though we are very small, we can get to the same place as the big ones”starts by writing the follower.

“He interviewed a princess, a duchess, with the same kindness and honesty as when he interviewed a seamstress or a cashier. Anyway, my heart bursts with pride for you (and for your English! Jonathan must be very proud). A hug and, above all, a THANK YOU”can still be read.

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