Cristina Cordula: The host forced to step up to the plate in front of a candidate from the Queens of Shopping!

Double cap this week for Cristina Cordula! Since November 22, the host took the presentation of the Queens of shopping on M6 but will participate as a candidate for the show. She therefore faces four other competitors on the theme: “Chic evening look”. The image consultant will have the same budget as the other contenders for the title, but with a handicap since she will have 30 minutes less. It’s for the association, Innocence in danger that she will try to win the sum promised to the winner. At the end of her new and exceptional shopping, Friday, November 26, viewers will know the name of the winner of this special week.

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Every day, she will rate her rivals, then she will also be noted in her turn, like any other participant! At the end of her unique and exceptional shopping, viewers will know the name of the winner of this special week. Frédéric Cassin’s wife had also warned: “But these aren’t reviews! Don’t think about the negative! It’s only to improve yourself, to give you advice, to pull you up my darling!”, she said. “I want my candidates to be all in the theme! Attention! I want them to be at the level of girls!”.

In today’s episode, a candidate named Jennyfer has fallen for rhinestone single earrings. However, she was reluctant to take them for a reason: “I’m a little puzzled. I don’t know if Cristina would validate this pair of curls because I know she is very Creole and she prefers big curls.”

For her part, Cristina Cordula shared her feelings with him.

“No, I like it! Just because I wear hoops doesn’t mean everyone has to wear them. My job is to give everyone fashion advice, not that people copy me. me”.

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