Cristiano Ronaldo smashes Man Utd dressing room

Despite the reinforcement of Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, Manchester United struggles in the Premier League and points to a worrying seventh pace.

Obviously, Manchester United’s goal is to move back into the Big Four of the Premier League in order to play in the Champions League next season. But for now, Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates are far from the mark. Beyond the accounting aspect, it is also the performance on the field that worries the supporters and which drives away optimism every week. In an interview with Sky Sports, Cristiano Ronaldo was also very cash on the current difficulties of Manchester United. For the Portuguese international, the mentality is not always the right one among the Red Devils, who must imperatively move and become aware of the situation to start a rise in the standings. Because it begins to urgent …

The pressure of Cristiano Ronaldo

β€œI do not accept that we do not think we are in the top three in the Premier League. I think that in order to build good things, sometimes you have to destroy others. So why not: new year, new life and hopefully Manchester can be at the level the fans want. They deserve it. What I can say is that we can all do better, all of us. I don’t want to be here to be in sixth, seventh, or fifth place. I’m here to try to win, to be competitive. I think we are in the race, but we are not yet at our best. We have a long way to go to improve and I think if we change our mindset we can achieve great things ” launched Cristiano Ronaldo, who is included in the Manchester United players when he says everyone has to do better at the Red Devils. It remains to be seen whether this speech by one of the best players in football history will have any effect at Manchester United.

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