Cristiano Ronaldo punished, Man United launches the process

After his controversial statements to journalist Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo will not escape sanctions. The Manchester United striker could see his contract terminated. In any case, the Mancunian management has officially taken action against the Portuguese.

The media release of Cristiano Ronaldo will inevitably have consequences. In his interview with journalist Piers Morgan, the Manchester United striker let loose against his superiors. The Portuguese admitted he did not respect his manager Erik ten Hag, before criticizing the lack of development at the club since his departure in 2009. With the interview published in excerpts, Manchester United preferred to wait to find out the all of his player’s words to make a decision. Result, after having read the interview in full, the resident of the Premier League wrote a brief press release this Friday.

Manchester United took appropriate action this morning after Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent interviewsaid the Mancunian club on its official website. We will not comment further until this process is complete. It is not yet known what sanction will be pronounced. The former Real Madrid player could be sidelined, fined or even terminated. One thing is certain, it is that the fivefold Ballon d’Or no longer imagines wearing the Manchester United jersey.

Ronaldo prepares for his departure

Maybe it’s good for Manchester and it’s probably good for me too to start a new chapter “Said Cristiano Ronaldo, who even opened the door to Paris Saint-Germain. ” Everything is possible in football. Why not ? I do not know. Of course they would sell a lot of jerseys “Suggested CR7, perhaps forgetting that his rating on the transfer market was not very high this summer. Suffice to say that his first part of the season and the recent scandal did not help.

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