Cristiano Ronaldo "photography" in the middle of a fiery kiss with Lionel Messi: the cliché goes viral and the rumor with it!

Subject to many controversies since its designation, the next football world cup to be held in Qatar at the end of the autumn never ceases to be talked about. Recently, journalists from Daily Star reported that the country would prohibit any sexual relations outside marriage during the duration of the competition under penalty of a seven-year prison term. A police source recalled, in comments relayed by the British press, that “sex was not on the agenda, unless you come as a couple. There will definitely be no one-night stands at this tournament. There will be no party at all, really. Everyone needs to keep a cool head, unless they want to risk ending up in jail. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, sex is forbidden. Fans need to be prepared.”

But it’s not just sex outside of marriage that’s banned in this small Persian Gulf country. In view of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar asks homosexuals to show “discretion”. For Abdullah Al Ansari, homosexuals must comply with the laws and customs of the country, it will be forbidden for any homosexual to wave an LGBT flag or to hug another man in public. A May 2022 survey conducted by a Norwegian, Swedish and Danish media showed that certain hotels authorized to receive the public for the World Cup have already stated that they would refuse to receive homosexual couples.

In order to protest against these retrograde bans, Internet users have the great idea of ​​orchestrating a fiery kiss between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. On the Twitter account Medhivenir (parody of Media future), we can see on a snapshot, very well done, the two biggest stars of the round ball in full physical rapprochement. A photograph, widely relayed, which is of course a montage but which almost fooled many Internet users: “Such a pity that it is not true”, “I almost got caught. It would have been quite a blow of comm’. There will be gay players and spectators in the stadiums no offense to #qatar.

For many years, a rumor has hovered over the alleged homosexuality of Cristiano Ronaldo. A few years ago, a verbal altercation between the footballer and Koke during a Madrid derby revived the debate on the Portuguese’s sexuality. A verbal exchange then relayed by Spanish radio Cadena Cope. “He called me Maricon (fag). I simply replied that if we met in Madrid he was going to see“The striker would have explained to his teammates once in the locker room.”Queer, maybe, but with lots of money, motherfucker“, he would have added.


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