Cristiano Ronaldo gives a bombastic interview, releases the verb against Manchester United and receives punishment: ‘Betrayed’

Cristiano Ronaldo is going through delicate moments in his life. After discovering a betrayal by a close friend, the player lives a bad phase at Manchester United. On the professional side, the athlete gave a bombastic interview over the weekend and ended up receiving a punishment from the club.

According to the athlete, some people from Manchester are trying to force his departure from the club. “Not just the coach, but two or three other guys at the club. I felt betrayed. I feel like some people didn’t want me here,” the player told the program “Piers Morgan Uncensored”.

Cristiano Ronaldo criticizes Manchester United’s stance after losing son

In April of this year, one of the twins that Georgina Rodrígues was expecting from Cristiano Ronaldo died during childbirth. In some matches, Manchester United fans paid tribute to the player and the deceased baby. However, according to Cristiano, the attitude of the club was totally different from the fans.

“Manchester United showed no empathy and did not support me during this difficult time,” the player said in the interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo could be fined for bombastic interview

After the interview reverberated on social networks, Manchester United released a note stating that it would keep an eye on the impact of the attacker’s lines on social networks.

However, behind the scenes, the board imposed a fine on the player for what was said. According to the newspaper “Metro”, from England, Cristiano Ronaldo was punished in 1 million pounds (R$ 6.3 million) because of the interview.

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