Cristiano Ronaldo denounced by Amnesty International in agreement with Al-Nassr

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo moved the football market in the last days of 2022. The player is moving with his family to Saudi Arabia and will play an important role in promoting the country to host the 2030 World Cup. international bodies ask the athlete to adopt a different attitude.

Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization that defends human rights, condemned Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr.

In a statement, Amnesty Middle East Researcher Dana Ahmed noted that “Hiring falls within a broader pattern of sports laundering in Saudi Arabia”in addition to saying that “It is very likely that Saudi authorities will promote Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in the country as a way to divert attention from the appalling record against human rights.”

Next, Dana Ahmed asks you to Cristiano Ronaldo uses his image to draw attention to human rights issues in the country.

“Saudi Arabia regularly executes people for alleged crimes. On a single day last year, 81 people were executed, many of whom were tried in manifestly unfair proceedings,” the statement said.

What will Cristiano Ronaldo’s life be like in Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family will live in Riyadh, according to international newspapers. At first, they will stay in a luxury hotel in the capital, until they move to a condominium of houses in the noble area of ​​the city.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo and their children are expected to move to either Al Muhammadiyah, one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the capital, or Al Nakheel, popular with families looking for international schools. Both are close to the Al-Nassr stadium and the international school where their children are supposed to study. According to CBS Sports, the monthly fee costs 23,000 euros for each student.

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