Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo received condolences from the Royal Family

Cristiano Ronaldo experienced every father’s worst nightmare: his son died giving birth to his twins. He and his partner Georgina received numerous expressions of condolence for this tragic loss – including from the British royal family.

In an interview for the “Piers Morgan Uncensored” show, Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, speaks more openly than ever about the tragic loss he and girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, 28, had to cope with in April this year. Only one of her twins survived the birth. The death of his son Angel was “the worst moment of my life since my father died,” he told presenter Piers Morgan, 57.

Cristiano Ronaldo thanks the British people for their condolences

The ‘Manchester United’ star received numerous messages of condolence after he and his partner shared the tragic news with the public. “I didn’t expect it, ever. And now I have the opportunity to say thank you to the whole English community,” said Ronaldo.

Among the letters there was apparently also a very special letter. “I also received a letter from the Queen’s family, which surprised me a lot,” reveals a visibly moved Cristiano Ronaldo. “Incredible. That’s why I say that I have a lot of respect for the English community and the English people because they have been very nice to me at this difficult moment in my life, it was spectacular how they treated me and my family at this difficult moment.”

“You don’t know if you’re crying or smiling”

It was difficult for Cristiano and his loved one to cope with the moment of loss and happiness at the same time. “It was a difficult moment for Georgina and me because we didn’t understand why this had to happen,” he explains. “I’ve never felt happy and sad at the same moment. You don’t know if you’re crying or smiling.”

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