Cristiano Ronaldo: brothers and veterans of Afghanistan, the two bodyguards who protect the footballer and his family

When it comes to keeping the family protected, Cristiano Ronaldo He spares no expense and is willing to find the most qualified personnel to entrust the safety of yours. And it is that the star of the soccer he fears that his home will be invaded by robbers, as has happened to some of his colleagues.

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Ronaldo lives with his wife Georgina rodriguez and his four children in England, a country where the number of robberies has increased. The athlete plays in The United, so he spends his days in a luxurious mansion located in the city of Manchester.

To keep his family protected, Cristiano has hired two military ex-combatants from Afghanistan. Learn more about the safety of Portuguese in the following lines.

Cristiano Ronaldo has increased security measures in his environment (Photo: Dissemination)


The men in charge of the footballer’s welfare are Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, who are twins and have extensive experience when it comes to self defense. They both belonged to a ex troop from Portugal and have served the special forces of Afghanistan.

According to Flash magazine, the Ramalheiro are actually triplets, and although all three are dedicated to the same field, one continues to work as a police officer.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his wife and children (Photo: Cristiano / Instagram)
Cristiano Ronaldo with his wife and children (Photo: Cristiano / Instagram)


The twins were part of Commandos, a unit created in Angola in 1962. Before joining the team of number 7, the Ramalheiro were agents of the Public Security Police, but they decided to take an unpaid leave of absence to travel to Manchester and provide their services to Ronaldo’s family

“They are able to blend in with the crowd, but are quick to think, see and act at the right time,” this is how the press describes the bodyguards.

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