Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, a real stroke of madness

On the departure of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to join a club qualified for the next edition of the Champions League.

Absent from Manchester United training since the resumption, Cristiano Ronaldo told his leaders of his desires elsewhere. Indeed, the Portuguese international does not consider for a second not to play in the Champions League and therefore, a departure from Manchester United is urgent in his eyes. Over the past few days, rumors of a departure from CR7 to Atlético de Madrid have come back insistently, which has not failed to cause shock waves within his former club Real Madrid. But a surprise is still possible in the Cristiano Ronaldo file according to Piers Morgan, a close friend of the Manchester United striker. “I think it’s very unlikely to see Cristiano Ronaldo again in the Manchester United shirt. He could play in a very surprising place next season” did he declare.

The #RonaldOM in madness on Twitter

It was enough to ignite the supporters of the most unpredictable club in France, Olympique de Marseille. So much so that OM supporters placed #RonaldOM in top tweets worldwide overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. “The hashtag #RonaldOM is second degree, it’s true. but it hides a reality that comes from the first degree: the need for OM supporters to dream”, “How not to fall asleep thinking of Jordan Amavi centering on Ronaldo’s head on the first day of Ligue 1 #RonaldOM”, “In life to move forward you have to dream #RonaldOM”, “WE DID IT: #RONALDOM IS TRENDING NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD! », « Longoria: “Ready with OA 15M + 5 bonuses and you take 95% of his salary in charge” #RonaldOM #TeamOM » or “Titi, you are the boss posing with Cristiano. I’m willing to sacrifice my life for you to see this #RonaldOM” can we read on Twitter, where OM supporters used their legendary second degree to ignite about a potential transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Olympique de Marseille. More seriously, Piers Morgan’s statement has in any case thrown a huge cloud over the future of CR7, whose future club is more mysterious than ever. Especially since the track of Atlético – although real – is not easy to concretize insofar as the Colchoneros must sell two players in order to be able to tie up the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo and his XXL salary.

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