Cristiano Araújo’s father says he keeps everything about the singer: “I want to tell his story”

The entrepreneur João Reisfather of Cristiano Araujo 一 who died in 2015, aged 29, after a car accident 一 said he keeps all of his son’s clothes and belongings.

When talking about the subject, he explained that he wants to preserve and keep the memory of the sertanejo alive for his grandchildren, john gabrielaged 13, and bernardaged 9, of Cristiano’s relationships with Elisa Leite and Luana Rodriguesrespectively.

“Everything about Cristiano is saved. I saved everything. It’s all separate, very neat and I’ve never let anyone take a single piece of his stuff. I have a space where I keep them. I intend to make a memorial to expose his things and tell my son’s story. We are also trying to make the country music museum in Goiânia named after him”, he revealed to Quem.

João said that people usually comment on Cristiano wherever they go, and that he tries to show his grandchildren the “great man that the artist was”.

“People are talking all the time. And whenever I’m with them [os netos], I try to show the great father they had. I told them the whole story of their father. Sometimes it’s even a little difficult to talk about it, but whenever I can, I talk to them about everything,” he continued.

To the publication, João also spoke about the artistic vein of his grandchildren:

“João Gabriel and Bernardo are almost boys now. João is already 13 years old and Bernardo is nine. João is more connected to football, he likes Brazilian players a lot, he already participates in the Clube Goiás Esporte Clube school”, he revealed.

“Bernardo, on the other hand, has much more artistic characteristics. I already consider him an artist. Due to his age, he has not yet awakened this question. He sings well, he’s super in tune and everything, but he hasn’t had that desire to be a singer yet. Let’s see what he will give ”, he concluded.

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