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Felipe Araújo pays homage to Cristiano Araújo and Marília Mendonça

The recording of the DVD “Clube do Araújo”, by Felipe Araújo, in Mineirão, paid homage to two country artists: Cristiano Araújo and Marília Mendonça. Accompanied by the band, Felipe sang the verses of “Quem É a Culpa?”, composition by Marília that was also recorded by Cristiano.

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“I held back a lot so I wouldn’t cry. I’m ashamed to cry in front of people. It’s a song that moves me a lot. It’s the last song I heard from my brother. He showed me this song the day before I left. It was the last time. I saw my brother. He showed me a recording of him singing this song and it really moved me,” reported Felipe.

“Every Marília concert I went to, I was always very emotional when I played this song. It was the first concert I did after everything happened. Even though it doesn’t go to the DVD, because it was all outside the script. very improvised, but I needed to do it. I’m sure the guys understood and they’re happy from up there seeing all this,” he said.

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