Crisis with Mike: Melanie Müller consoles herself with another man

Are the problems deeper? Melanie Müller (33) has been going through life with Mike Blümer for over ten years – even with a marriage certificate since 2014. But between the former bachelor girl and her lover there seemed to be a crisis in the past. Last dedicated Mike his Melli a touching love letter. But are the marriage worries bigger than you thought? Melanie has now been spotted intimately with another man.

On photos that image is available, you can see how Melanie Strolling hand in hand through the evening of Berlin at the side of a man and stopping at an Indian restaurant. According to information from the sheet, it is said to be a Leipzig businessman. Melanie even said himself about the photos: “Before and during celebrities had Big Brother Mike and I already have our problems. Then I tried everything to save the marriage. Indeed Mike wanted to keep his distance and have time for himself. “

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Between her and Uwe, the name of the man in the pictures, nothing is going on, the 33-year-old assured: “But he’s neither my new partner nor an affair. He comforts me. He helps me especially in difficult times and I’m grateful for that.” Good friends are particularly important to her during this time, said Melanie finally.

Melanie Müller, Ex-"Like Me – I'm Famous"-Candidate

Instagram / melanie.mueller_offiziell

Melanie Müller, Ex-“Like Me – I’m Famous”-Kandidatin
Melanie Müller with her husband Mike and daughter Mia

Instagram / melanie.mueller_offiziell

Melanie Müller with her husband Mike and daughter Mia
“Celebrity Big Brother” candidate Melanie Müller

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