Crisis or not: what’s going on with Sandra Sicora and Tommy?

Sandra Sicora (30) and Tommy Pedroni’s fans are confused! Actually, the two Ex on the Beach celebrities are considered by many to be a dream couple. They have a long-distance relationship because the blond boy lives in France – but the beauty visits him regularly and it seems to be going great. But at the beginning of July, the first rumors of a crisis surfaced. Now more suspicious evidence of a love drama followed: What’s up sandra and tommy Come on?

Sometimes they pose together, sometimes they share cryptic lines that indicate a crisis. shared a few days ago sandra another romantic video Instagram. The couple happily strolled through the streets. But underneath, a user commented: “And tommy like, ‘Nope, I’m going to party first.'” The #CoupleChallenge contestant liked the comment. Is she annoyed by that? tommy partying so much lately?

Also posted sandra again words that could mean that she is not doing so well at the moment. “Today I choose myself and not social media. See you soon”, it says in front of a black and white picture of roses. Apparently lays sandra a network break.

Tommy Pedroni in Nice in April 2021

Instagram / sandra.sicora

Tommy Pedroni and Sandra Sicora, 2022 #CoupleChallenge contestants

Instagram / sandra.sicora

Sandra Sicora in May 2022

What do you think: Do Sandra and Tommy have a crisis?

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