Criminal Minds is lying to fans

The Criminal Minds reboot will not feature Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid. The justification for this is not entirely true.

So far, the actor himself has not yet explained the reason for his absence. However, those involved with the production told their version.

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The reason given for the actor’s absence as Spencer Reid is a burnout. He devoted many years of his life to heavy lifting on Criminal Minds, including the last few seasons.

Therefore, Matthew Gray Gubler would not yet be fully ready to return to the TV series universe.

However, as pointed out by Screen Rant, this justification is not entirely true. Leaving Criminal Minds aside was an actor’s choice for his career.

Already in the last seasons, his role was not of the same impact. Matthew Gray Gubler opted for a reduced role to focus on other things in his career.

It is very likely that this thinking will continue, hence the reason for the actor not to return in the Criminal Minds reboot.

Matthew Gray Gubler Will Not Return as Spencer Reid

When an actor plays the same character for several years, it’s common for him to become a little…bored.

It’s something that happens all the time on TV, even with actors who are protagonists of highly successful series.

That said, it’s still possible that they’ll find a way to include a small stake in the reboot.

In Brazil, Criminal Minds is available on Star+.

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