Criminal Minds’ Hannibal: New season will have villain in different role

The Criminal Minds revival series, Criminal Minds: Evolution, featured Voit as the main villain of the first season. Compared to Hannibal Lecter, he will appear more in the series.

The first season of the revival focuses on the team and their efforts to capture serial killer Elias Voit – aka Sicarius (Zach Gilford).

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Voit proves to be a particularly big threat to the BAU, but the season ends with his capture and incarceration. However, that’s not the end of her story, as the showrunner sees Voit as the perfect opportunity to bring her own version of Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal from Criminal Minds

During a recent interview with the VarietyCriminal Minds: Evolution boss Erica Messer has laid out her plans for the next season of the hit crime series.

One of his biggest hopes for the upcoming season is to make Zach Gilford’s Elias Voit more prominent as a Hannibal Lecter-like figure. She hopes to use him and his knowledge to inform the team.

“Well, we hope to have Zach a lot in the season and treat him – the simplest way to say it – like our Hannibal Lecter,” Messer said.

She went on to explain that Voit will use this information in order to blackmail the team, which could be a fun dynamic for Criminal Minds: Evolution to explore.

While the series has had recurring villains in the past, it’s never really positioned anyone in its universe in that way.

Criminal Minds is available on Star+. In turn, Criminal Minds: Evolution is available on Paramount +, but in the United States.

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