"Crime scene: Murot and the principle of hope": This is the new Murot crime thriller

“Tatort: ​​Murot and the principle of hope”
This is how the new Murot thriller will be

Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur), Magda Wächter (Barbara Philipp), Inga Muthesius (Karoline Eichhorn) and Paul Muthesius (Lars Eidinger) in the “Tatort: ​​Murot and the principle of hope”.

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Lars Eidinger meets Ulrich Tukur. The Kai Korthals actor is practically cheating in Wiesbaden. Is it worth switching on?

Lars Eidinger (45) is unfamiliar with “Tatort”! The actor, who has so far dueled himself three times as the creepy serial killer Kai Korthal in Kiel with Commissioner Borowski, is now slipping into a similar role in the Murot crime thriller “Murot and the principle of hope”. This time, however, Eidinger’s role is initially just a possible suspect for Commissioner Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur, 64). Is it worth switching on on Sunday evening at 8:15 p.m. in Das Erste?

This is what “Tatort: ​​Murot and the Principle of Hope” is all about

A series of murders shakes Frankfurt. Three men were shot in the neck, and there was no connection between the victims. Since there are two “non-Germans” and one homeless person, one suspects a perpetrator from the right-wing milieu. But Commissioner Murot (Tukur) from the LKA Wiesbaden has a different suspicion. He believes that the two first murders were only intended to make the whole thing look like a series of murders, while the perpetrator was really only interested in the third victim: Jochen Muthesius.

The homeless man was a former philosophy professor with whom Murot also studied. At a time when dreams of a better world and the “principle of hope” were still alive. It was different for Muthesius. After a family tragedy, he had lived on the streets for years. And yet he still owned a villa in Kronberg and considerable personal fortune. So the three children of the deceased come into the focus of the investigation: Paul (Eidinger), an eccentric solo entertainer. Inga (Karoline Eichhorn, 56), a psychotherapist. And Laura (Friederike Ott, 38), who used her father’s money to set up a foundation for the needy.

While Murot’s assistant Wächter (Barbara Philipp, 56) is more and more convinced that Murot is getting lost, a new suspect appears: Jürgen von Mierendorff (Christian Friedel, 42), neighbor’s son and friend of the Muthesius family, but now the right-wing scene associated. When Murot realizes that several of the suspects are in league with one another and that he only has a chance if he plays them off against one another, he goes on the offensive: to lure them out of the reserve, he tells them to kill him. .

Is it worth switching on?

Not necessarily, unfortunately. Even real Murot fans will sometimes shake their heads. In the end, this “crime scene” raises more questions than it solves them. The plot is too confused and unrealistic. The thriller, which is partly designed as a chamber play, has missed a real chance, mainly due to the strong cast with Lars Eidinger and Ulrich Tukur. In “Murot and the Principle of Hope”, however, chemistry may never really be skipped. That worked much better with Eidinger and Axel Milberg (65) in Kiel …

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