Cremation will become more expensive by thousands of crowns!

They can boast modern and ecological crematoria abroad. David Borovička from the committee of the Association of Funeral Services of the Czech Republic (APS ČR) is afraid that the trend is rather opposite in our country. “Ours are mostly in poor technical condition,” he said. Most of the almost thirty domestic crematoria belong to individual cities, and according to him, they do not want to invest in them. However, the situation of two Prague crematoria, in Strašnice and Motol, where an average of 8400 burns took place every year for the last three years, is appropriate. “The capacity and equipment of both are sufficient.

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Next year, the planned modernization of one of the four cremation furnaces will take place so that the operation will not be disrupted in any way, “Aha! spokesperson of the Prague Cemeteries Administration Oldřiška Dvořáčková. We have a constant interest in incineration. “Burial over the placement in the Czech Republic makes up 80 percent,” said Hana Svěchotová from the Association of Funeral Homes in the Czech Republic, noting that demand varies regionally. However, she also reminded that crematoria in our country are not evenly distributed. “Moravia has six of them, the rest are in the Czech Republic.” This March, the total number of 28 crematoria was supplemented by new ones in Noviny pod Ralskem.

Why we pay more

As well as other services, cremation will become more expensive by thousands of crowns from next year. Experts do not yet have exact amounts, but they estimate an increase of 10 to 15 percent. “However, it can be even more if the situation on the energy market does not stabilize at least a little,” said Jaroslav Mangl, Chairman of the APS CR.

The pandemic has persisted

While abroad, for example in Italy and Spain, crematoria got into desperate situations during a pandemic, the Czech tragic consequences of the pandemic have subsided. “The biggest onslaught last year was in October to December and this year from January to March, when the increased mortality rate overwhelmed the capacity of some crematoria and it was necessary to transport the dead to less busy ones. Now the situation is normal for now, “said Hana Svěchotová.

How much will we give and for what

The final amount for the entire ceremony is determined mainly by the requirements of the bereaved. Cremation costs an average of 25 to 40 thousand crowns, without a mourning farewell to about 9 to 20 thousand, but on average to 15 thousand. The sum includes a number of items. Transport of the deceased (about 28 CZK per km), use of cooling equipment within seven days for about 380 CZK per day), but also a shroud (about 293 CZK), ash treatment (about 740 CZK) and others, including the purchase of a coffin. “The price of the funeral is affected by the cost of the funeral service. The price of fire then the cost of crematoria. These are two separate services, “said Hana Svěchotová. “The price of the fire is so-called factually regulated, calculated and carefully monitored by the tax office,” she added.

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