“Creed III”, or when the “Rocky” saga knocks out moviegoers

4 years ago, Creed IIthe eighth film in the saga rocky initiated with the eponymous film directed in 1976 by John G. Avildsen, gave the impression of closing a cycle. After losing in Creed. Rocky Balboa’s Legacy (2015) the first big professional fight of his life, Adonis Creed became world champion in his turn, before deciding to face Viktor Drago – who is none other than the son of Ivan, this Soviet boxer who killed on the ring his father Apollo Creed (Rocky IV, 1985). When facing the demons haunting his family history, Adonis freed himself from a burden as he became the father of a little girl who was born deaf. Wisdom would have demanded to let him henceforth live his life in the collective imagination, far from dark rooms… But commercial logic, which now wants each success to be exploited to the marrow, has decided otherwise.

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