Creed 3: according to Michael B. Jordan the new antagonist "it will be very hard to hate"

In a recent interview Michael B. Jordan spoke about the new antagonist in Creed 3, explaining its complexity.

It just seems like that Creed 3 is aiming very high, especially from a screenplay point of view. In speaking of the new antagonist main, played by Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan teased that it will distance itself from everything fans have seen so far.

Creed 3 Jonathan Majors Michael B Jordan

Creed 3: Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed and Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson in the ring

“I think he has an intensity and a realism that we’ve never seen before. He’s a down-to-earth character, and a natural antagonist who comes from an honest place of real emotion. He’s not your classic villain; people understood his reasons, so it was difficult for him to take a clear position on the story. I think these kind of antagonists are the most complicated and interesting to watch.”said Michael B. Jordan CEO Empirespeaking of his antagonist in Creed III.

Creed 3, Sylvester Stallone: ​​”I’m sorry I’m not there, without me it’s too dark”

In this third chapter of the saga we find Adonis involved in a rather tense meeting with his childhood friend, Damian Anderson, released from prison after 18 years. This old bond identifies a completely different story from that of the previous films, in which our protagonist has always faced people who are not in his life. This time the real challenge lurks in the young man’s past, in a clash that will bring to light deeply buried memories and uncertainties.

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