Creation of the fund dedicated to loss and damage: COP27 disappointing, ministers divided

Having herself refused to go there, Flemish Climate Minister Zuhal Demir did not fail to criticize the outcome of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday. Via Twitter, then on the mid-day newscast of the private channel VTM, Minister N-VA affirmed that Belgium’s position was not to support the creation of a fund for the losses and damages suffered by countries. of the South due to climate change, a long-standing claim of developing countries.

On the other hand, the creation of this fund was hailed as positive and legitimate by Federal Minister Zakia Khattabi and Walloon Minister Philippe Henry. The latter assumed, in the absence of the Flemish minister, the role (performed in turn between the Belgian ministers) of head of the Belgian delegation to European coordination. The two environmental ministers also felt that COP27 did not go far enough on other points, leading to a disappointing result.

Another story from Zuhal Demir: “We had agreed at the Belgian level that there would be no flow of additional financing for the damage to developing countries, because we are already doing climate financing today”, affirms- she. For her, European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, head of the European delegation to the COP, “has taken a position diametrically opposed to that of Belgium. We are already doing a lot. Enough is enough “.

Historical breakthrough

With the creation of this fund, the final decision of COP27 “sends a strong signal for the most vulnerable countries”, believes the Climate Coalition, welcoming “a historic step forward” and “a big step forward for climate justice”. The national ASBL, which brings together more than 90 organizations from Belgian civil society, nevertheless judges that “unfortunately many important decisions are still missing”. And the Climate Coalition to cite the exit from fossil fuels, which has not been obtained. “The exit from fossil fuels remains once again the missed opportunity of this COP. There has been no progress on this side. And this despite the support of many countries in the South and the North. What is positive, however, is that the countries have engaged in discussions to work together on concrete solutions in all sectors for the years to come”, analyzes the Coalition.

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