“Crazy, Stupid, Love 2”: Will there be a sequel to the comedy?

In this branching romantic comedy, one laugh chases the other. We’ll tell you here whether there is a chance of the sequel “Crazy, Stupid, Love 2”.

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+++ Warning: spoilers for the film „Crazy, Stupid, Love“ +++

Cal (Steve Carell) is single again, his marriage has gone astray. His wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), the love of his life, is having an affair and wants a divorce. This hits Cal very badly and he spends a lot of time in a bar to forget his pain from alcohol and casual acquaintances – but he acts pretty stupid. The young Casanova Jacob (Ryan Gosling) can soon no longer watch this and gives him tips. The two become good friends and Cal gains confidence. During the course of the film, Jacob distanced himself further and further from Cal and the nightly bar visits because he met Hannah (Emma Stone) and fell in love with her. At a later meeting it turns out that Hannah is Cal’s daughter. At this meeting, other storylines come together and many misunderstandings turn into bad words and deeds, but in the end there is a happy ending for almost everyone; only Emily and Cal’s affairs, David (Kevin Bacon) and Kate (Marisa Tomei), fall by the wayside. The story would have ended in a satisfactory way, but the success of the film and the great cast speak for themselves. You can find out here whether the sequel “Crazy, Stupid, Love 2” is possible.

You can currently find “Crazy, Stupid, Love” on Amazon Prime or on Netflix stream. Check out our video for other comedies available on Netflix.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love 2” currently not planned

The film celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021, the chance of a second part to celebrate the anniversary was wasted. But the cast is also very busy and popular. Emma Stone most recently played the evil “Cruella”, Ryan Gosling is shooting the spy thriller “The Gray Man” with Chris Evans and Steve Carrell is the star of the Netflix series “Space Force”, which will be in its second round in February 2022.

In addition, Emma Stone did not necessarily have “the time of her life” Dirty Dancing Tanzszene to film. Through a traumatic experience in her childhood in which she broke both arms, she couldn’t shoot the scene herself – a body double had to take over.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love 2”: The cast in other roles

Steve Carell and especially Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling enchant the audience not only in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. We have prepared some films from the cast that are well worth seeing:

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