Crazy end of the world at the Pitoëff Theater

Three friends. Who, at first, celebrate their return to nature, a weekend in a rural mountain lodge to recharge their batteries. And, in the end, are swallowed up by the climatic apocalypse. Between two, several avenues explored, each marking the rout of our society. With La Grieta, between animal salvajesa web series before being a show, the company Remiendo Teatro jostled the Spanish public before the covid by showing what sauce we will all be eaten in 2050.

At the Pitoeff Theatre, These days, Camille Giacobino presents a much crazier version of this ecological and futuristic thriller by Gracia Morales and Juan Alberto Salvatierra. Mounted on platform boots candy pink and bent in sequined costumes, Camille Figuereo, Frédéric Polier and Etienne Fague make up a trio of rather funny cracks, but who struggle to hold attention throughout the performance. “I didn’t want to name the culprits or give lessons, explains the director at the end of the show. I think we are all lost today and I wanted to restore this general disorder. Legitimate, his choice leads to a proposal lacking definition and tension.

Brainless Teletubbies

A happy charivari. This is how it begins salvage to see until Sunday. Lucie, Thomas and Nico arrive with a bang in a mountain lodge and rediscover the forest, the ants, the snails, fauna and flora that disappeared in 2050. They marvel, let out “ahs” and “ohs” and dance their joy like mindless Teletubbies.

Their faces painted green and their phones tucked into their ears, the three friends dressed like drag queens will then be confronted with their own savagery, each time with a disaster scenario followed by a softer response, like a Second chance. Massive destruction of the lodge “because the place is insured”, murderous gun accident, orgy of meat, wild beasts threatening outside or even mysterious crack: in each situation, the trio shows its inability to unite and find a solution. constructive outcome, an obvious metaphor for our current global failure to respond to the climate challenge.

Goofy Evolutions

Tuesday, despite the heat wave, the actors did not save their energy. Dance of the fart or dance of the tongue, tribal reconnection to telluric forces or fight against the crack, Camille Figuereo, Frédéric Polier and Etienne Fague bravely throw their bodies into battle and chain crazy evolutions without weakening. It’s funny to begin with, but, quite quickly, this frenzy, the meaning and necessity of which is difficult to understand, tires us out. In the room, the sparse audience plays the fan to survive. This extreme furnace is more dramatic than the spectacle.

salvageThéâtre Pitoëff, Geneva, until June 26.

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