Crazy car on the crowd overwhelms two women: shock images / VIDEO

Rimini, 6 August 2022 – Fifty minutes of pure terror. First he threatens a couple at the exit of the parking lot in via Roma, having their car delivered. Hunted by the Flying, he launches into a crazy pursuit along the avenues of the Queens from Bellariva to Miramare climbing on the sidewalk, hitting two girls and sowing panic among the tables of the bars and the tourists walking around.

Hotel cameras show the shocking images of the investment of one of them, a 28 year old who only by a miracle remained alive: after being hit she did a flight of 10 meters before ruining to the ground.

A policeman fires two shots against the wheel of the car, but he doesn’t stop. He continues his escape on foot, but is caught and handcuffed by an off-duty mobile squad probation officer. All this happened yesterday, between 10.10am and 11am Alessandro Coppa.

The prosecutor on duty, Davide Ercolani, ordered his arrest on charges of aggravated robbery and multiple aggravated personal injuries. On July 31, he had already been arrested for possessing a stolen credit card and reported for receiving stolen goods, being sentenced in a very short time.

The nightmare morning begins in via Roma. A couple, made up of a 32-year-old and a 35-year-old, are exiting the parking lot in a White Ford Fiesta. A man with a beard and graying hair approaches them and threatens them and forces them to get out. Esposito takes possession of the car and sets off in the direction of via Tripoli. The robbed couple, meanwhile, alerted the police. The 45-year-old is intercepted by the Volanti in Viale Regina Elena. A chase begins, with the thug performing daring maneuvers to escape the agents.

Take the seafront Di Vittorio , traveling at full speed in the midst of pedestrians scared to death, up to piazzale Gondar. In viale Regina Margherita, at viale Nervi, the fugitive makes a maneuver to the right, in an attempt to overtake a bus. Salt on the sidewalk, t ravaging two people in front of the Jumbo hotel : one 28-year-old Romanian waitress, And a 32-year-old French tourist.

The first is thrown about ten meters away, covered in blood, and will subsequently be admitted to the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, while the second will end up in the infirm: neither of them is in danger of life. The Fiesta overwhelms the benches, planters and seats of the premises, while passers-by scream and run away. The Volanti, at that point, bar the way to Esposito.

An agent, who recognized him having arrested him a few days earlier, gets out of the car and tries to block him by grabbing him from the window. The 45-year-old does not give up and engages in reverse, risking to run over other people. Given the dangerous situation, another policeman draws his gun and fires two shots at the rear left wheel of the car. Even with the flat tire, Esposito continues his escape, abandoning the car only at via Morgagni, and continuing on foot. Officers of the Flying Squad and the flying squad hunt him down. He is recognized by an off-duty policeman at the Miramare train station as he tries to blend in with the crowd. He tries to escape again, but is caught up and handcuffed at the underpass.

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