‘Crazy about dancing’ cost Oscar Bjerrehuus the relationship: ‘Suddenly there was not so much time and profit for it all’

‘It required super much of my time. Suddenly there was not much time and profit for it all. “

This is how Oscar Bjerrehuus talks about his participation in ‘Wild with dance’ in the 24syv podcast ‘112 for broken hearts‘, where he reveals that it was not just time that the program cost.

His three-year relationship with Sofie Arendse at the time also broke down.

“I was very unsure when I could be together, and all of a sudden we got into a different kind of routine that somehow didn’t work out,” he says.

However, it was not only the 21-year-old model’s participation in the dance program that turned the relationship upside down.

Shortly before, they had become students, and the new everyday life without the high school’s regular routines also changed how much time the two spent together.

When, finally, between the many rehearsal hours prior to Friday’s ‘Wild with Dance’, there was time to watch, it was not the same.

“There was a kind of feeling that we could not really ‘connect’ in the same way anymore, and we could not be together as we used to be,” explains Oscar Bjerrehuus.

“It was like we didn’t really have anything to talk about and it was super weird and I think for both of us it was really uncomfortable because we did not really know what it was that was causing it.”

And that was more than the relationship could handle.

In ‘Wild with dance’, Oscar Bjerrehuus and dance partner Asta Björk managed to dance their way to the semi-finals, which was the last stop for the couple, who, however, had been predicted an early exit by the bookmakers.

Since then, Oscar Bjerrehuus has lived the single life. Something that has been indirectly followed in the DR series ‘More adult than Bjerrehuus’, which follows the distinctive relationship between Oscar Bjerrehuus and his father, Oliver Bjerrehuus.

Here it attracted attention how much and how openly Oliver Bjerrehuus talked about sex with his son.

However, it is something that Oscar Bjerrehuus takes quite casually.

“There has never really been any filter. It may not be the most normal thing in all families, but we have always been very open about most things and also talked a lot about sex, because it is very important to know something about and that it should not be a taboo subject, “said Oscar Bjerrehuus then to BT

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