Crash Landing on You: What happened to Gu Seung Joon in the drama?

Crash Landing on You was full of characters that caught us in each episode, among them we found the secondary couple and particularly Gu Seung Joon.

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The K-Drama He let us see a charming evolution of this character and surely more than one experienced sadness with the story of the comrade Alberto. Kim Jung Hyun He was in charge of interpreting this role that was sometimes fearsome and other charming.

We met him as an ex-boyfriend of Se Ri who she met in South Korea, however it turned out that he was a friend of the girl’s brother who only wanted to marry her out of interest. When they meet again in North Korea, things have not changed much so we see him pushing the girl to be by his side.

Despite your wrongdoing in Crash Landing on You, his charisma of Gu Seung Joon made him an interesting character who would later become endearing seeing him find true love alongside Seo Dan.

Gu Seung Joon’s ending in Crash Landing on You

In the last episodes of the drama We saw how he and Seo Dan put aside those relationships where there was no real affection, it is then that we began to see them together again and again, joining forces and even having fun.

Finally they recognize that they are in love, they confess their love and long to be together, but when Comrade Alberto is in danger they both know that he must leave the country as soon as possible, hoping to meet the girl abroad again.

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Seo Dan accompanies this character to the airport, but suffers an unexpected attack as part of a trap for the South Korean. It only takes him a few seconds to decide that he prefers to risk saving the girl he loves even if he loses the opportunity to leave the country unscathed, so he hails a taxi and goes to her aid.

In his final moment in Crash Landing on You, Gu Seung Joon goes to save Seo Dan, but although he achieves his mission, he is seriously injured, which eventually leads him to lose his life. Thus, with a couple of scenes with the woman he fell in love with, we said goodbye to this unforgettable character.

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Kim Jung Hyun didn’t know that Gu Seung Joon would die

In an interview the korean actor confessed that when he read the script for episode 15 it was not clear if his character he would overcome difficulties and survive so he even talked about it with the director, who gave him hope and motivated him to see what would happen next with his role in Crash Landing on You.

However, when he finally had his script for the final chapter, he discovered that this would be the tragic fate of Comrade Alberto.

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