Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification – Dose 1, 2 at

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification for Dose 1, 2 can be performed at Vaccine Certificate Verification links are given on this page. Complete information about Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification will be available to you in our article, please read our article carefully. In our article, we will tell you how you can verify your vaccine certificate. Also, step-by-step information will be given about this whole process, please read our article carefully till the end and add our website to the bookmark, so that you can get all the latest updates as soon as possible.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification

We know that you want to know whether the vaccine you are taking is correct or not and for this you can also verify it online. For the last four days, at least 1 lakh cases of corona are being reported in India every day, which is a matter of great concern, and hence the government has implemented this vaccine from 01 May 2021 for the age of above 18.

Till now, more than 170 million doses of vaccine have been given in India, which is more than all the countries. A total of 24,70,798 sessions have been conducted for the vaccine in India, in which a total of 17,01,76,602 vaccines have been given. certification verification

There are many vaccines in India, which have different effects and you can also verify whether they are certified or not. There is a QR code on the top of the vaccine, which you can scan and verify. Whenever you take your first dose, only after that your vaccination certificate is generated, by which it is told that you have taken your vaccine and in it, all your details like name, address, age, gender, etc. are given. You are issued a vaccine certificate as soon as you take your first dose and through that, you can verify your vaccine.

Cowin Certificate Verification – Dose 1 & 2

Some process has also been fixed for verification, through which you can get your Cowin Certificate verification done and everyone should get their vaccine certificate verified. As we told you that you get the vaccine certificate only after the first dose and some of your basic details will be given in it, along with that the vaccine name, first dose vaccine date, next due date, location of vaccination, Information about and by whom, etc. would also have been given.

After you have taken your vaccine dose, you will need to download your vaccine certificate. You can get your vaccine certificate from Aarogya Setu App and CoWin App. You need to take both doses to avoid coronavirus, only then you can avoid this virus. According to the investigation, it has been told that after getting the vaccine, the virus is not completely avoided, but the chances of your getting infected with the coronavirus through the vaccine are greatly reduced.

Why do you need to verify your Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

As we know that it is of great importance that you get the same vaccine in the 2nd dose also. Also, the dose gap should be optimal. So you need to present your Vaccine certificate of the first dose while visiting the hospital to get the 2nd dose of Corona Vaccine. Now To know whether all the details given in your certificate are legit and also your certificate is real, you need to go through the Cowin certificate verification process.

In this process, your Corona vaccine certificate will be verified at to check its authenticity. The process that needs to be followed for the Covid Vaccine verification is given below.

How to verify Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

As there are two vaccines that are being used by the government in its free corona vaccination program. These two vaccines are Covaxin and Covisheild. It is important that you get the dose of the same vaccine in both the first and 2nd Dose of Corona Vaccine. So, your vaccine certificate for the first dose should be verified on the official website for its legitimacy.

Here are the steps which you need to follow to for Cowin certificate verification.

  • Visit the official website which is specially created for the Vaccine certificate verification. The link to the official website is Click on the Verify Button.

  • Now you will see a green button labeled as “Scan QR Code”. Click on the button and wait for the page to load.

Vaccine Certificate verificate scan code

  • Now you will see a pop-up asking about the camera access. Click on the “Allow” button to provide access to the camera to scan the code.

Vaccine Cerificate verification camera access

Scan QR code for Cowin verification

  • Now if your certificate is legit, you will see a message “Certificate Successfully Verified”.

Covid Vaccine Certificate verification success

  • You will also see the details like Name, Age, Gender, Reference ID, Date of Dose, Vaccination Venue etc on the verification result page.

Note: If your certificate is not genuine, “Certificate Invalid” will be displayed on your screen.

Watch Video about Cowin certificate verification

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