Cowboy Bebop: We explain the series finale on Netflix

Cowboy Bebop recently debuted on Netflix, and has since divided the opinion of fans and critics. With only 50% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, the production was heavily criticized for not following the legacy of the original anime, considered one of the best of all time. Many viewers were also confused by the outcome of the first season. Below we’ve explained everything you need to know about the Cowboy Bebop ending on Netflix.

The first season of Cowboy Bebop reuses many aspects of the fifth episode of the original anime, titled “Ballad of Fallen Angels” (Ballad of the Fallen Angels). In the chapter in question, Faye Valentine is kidnapped by Vicious and Spike confronts his old partner to save her.

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The clash ends with Spike being thrown from a stained glass window. The character comes close to death, but is treated by Faye and manages to recover.

Some of these aspects are repeated in the live-action version of Cowboy Bebop, mainly in the aesthetic level and in the conclusion of the plot.

What happens at the end of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix?

The final episode of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix, dubbed “Supernova Symphony” (Supernova Symphony) begins with Vicious using the Syndicate to kidnap Jet’s daughter Kimmie.

Jet and Spike fall right into the villain’s trap, and only make it out alive thanks to Faye’s interference. However, Spike refuses to run away with the team, claiming to have “unfinished business” with Vicious.

When Spike returns to the church, the fight takes place almost identically to the animated version of “Ballad of Fallen Angels”.

However, at the end of the duel, Julia shoots Vicious. Spike declares her love for the character, but in a shocking twist, she turns to the protagonist and condemns him for not rescuing her years ago.

John Cho’s character tries to apologize and convince Julia to run away with him, but she reveals she’s not ready to leave her life of crime behind – especially since she’s close to seizing power in the Syndicate.

Julia asks Spike to kill Vicious, intending to take the villain’s head to the Temple and rule the underworld.

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At this point, Julia establishes herself as one of the main villains in Cowboy Bebop. The character shoots Spike, who is thrown into a stained glass window and falls to the ground.

The character decides to spare Vicious, keeping him a prisoner and leading the Syndicate in his place.

Somehow, Spike survives the crash and tries to be reunited with the Bebop crew, but is rejected by Jet. Faye, for her part, leaves her colleagues behind in search of answers about her own past.

That is, Cowboy Bebop ends up with the separate team. In the last scene of season one, Spike is seen walking out of a bar and passing out.

Finally, the character is awakened by a talkative teenager with unmistakable red hair and eccentric glasses. That character, of course, is hacker Radical Ed.

Cowboy Bebop anime fans immediately recognized the look of Ed – nicknamed Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, aka Radical Ed – the 13-year-old androgynous girl who joins the Bebop crew in the 9th episode of the anime.

Season 2 of Cowboy Bebop, if confirmed by Netflix, should further develop the character’s story and put her in interaction with Spike, Faye and Jet.

Cowboy Bebop is available on Netflix.

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