Covid, Undersecretary Costa does not know what is in the decree: “Penalty for over 50s no vax? I must verify”. The journalist Villa at La7: “But how?”

Moment of embarrassment for the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, intervened to “Omnibus” (La7) to comment on the law decree on the new anti-Covid measures, published this morning in the Official Gazette.
Answering a question from the host Flavia Fratello on the vaccination obligation and on the a one-off € 100 fine for unvaccinated over 50s, the politician announces: “On this point there could be some news, for example on the reiteration of the fine. But of course we must carefully read the decree”.

The science journalist arises Roberta Villa: “Excuse me, I didn’t understand. She does not know?”.
“Of course I know, God forbid,” replies Costa.
“So, is there a reiteration of the sanction?”, Urges Villa.
There are some aspects that obviously need to be read carefully – Costa reiterates – We are talking about a decree that was finished writing a few hours ago “.
“Yes, but is there a reiteration of the sanction or not?”, Repeats the journalist.
Interminable moment of silence, then the reply from the undersecretary: “This we have to… I have to verify it”.

The presenter Flavia Fratello he tries in vain to get the undersecretary out of the way, but Villa doesn’t like it: “Undersecretary, it’s not his fault, but it’s this system that doesn’t work. I keep meeting people who break the rules because they don’t understand them or because they don’t know them. It is not possible to get to a point where not even she knows what you have decided. It is no small thing not to know that the sanction is ‘one-off’ or repeatable at each check. Instead, it is a fundamental decision – he continues – because the meaning of that provision on the vaccination obligation for over 50s changes a lot. It is not possible that those who physically filled out the decree could change a fundamental passage during the night. The impression that comes to the citizens is that of a confused process. For real, it is not a reassuring image, it is not an image that nourishes the confidence that would be indispensable in this circumstance”.
Costa then replies: “I would not like to focus too much attention on the sanction, because this is not the issue, but it is to create the conditions for citizens who have not been vaccinated to understand that at this moment it is essential to get vaccinated ”.
“Eh, exactly”, comments Roberta Villa.

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