Covid, the US study on Omicron: “Up to 91% lower risk of death in both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients compared to Delta”

“During a period with mixed circulation of the Delta e variant Omicron, infections with Sars The 2 with presumed infection of the Omicron variant have been associated with a substantially reduced risk of endpoint severe clinics and shorter hospital stays “. These are the technical conclusions of a study published last January 11 on the platform medRxiv in pre-print, before the review by the scientific community which adds a new point in favor to the hypothesis that Omicron, the variant now dominant in many countries due to its transmissibility up to 3 times more than Delta, cause less severe forms of Covid-19.

The research, coordinated by the University of California at Berkeley, shows a lower risk of ending up in hospital, needing intensive care and death among those who fall ill with Covid 19 from Omicron infection compared to those who become ill because infected with Delta . The analysis is one of the first to compare the trend of infection on two groups of patients who fell ill in December with Omicron or Delta. Of the 52,297 people infected with the variant first detected in South Africa monitored, 222 needed hospitalization, 7 needed intensive care, none had mechanical ventilation, and one died. Among patients with the mutation (formerly Indian), these values ​​were 222, 23, 11 and 14 respectively. Numbers that equate to a 52% lower risk of hospitalization, 74% intensive care, 91% death with Omicron. The study was also funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The reductions in disease severity associated with Omicron variant infections they were evident in both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients“, Underline the researchers who, however, are cautious: even if the Omicron variant is less severe,”high rates of infection in the community can overwhelm health systems and could result in an absolute high number of hospitalizations and deaths“. A fear confirmed by the latest report from the World Health Organization: in recent days in the world there have been 15 million new infections, an increase of 55% compared to the previous week. Deaths are stable (43 thousand), but it may still be early to see the effects on mortality of the latest wave of Omicron on a global scale. In Africa, the first continent to encounter the variant, there was an 84% increase in deaths last week compared to the previous week.

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