Covid: the fourth dose of vaccine is not "not justified", according to the High Authority for Health

While the government had raised the possibility of fourth dose In the coming months, Elisabeth Bouvet, President of the Vaccination Technical Commission at the High Authority of Health, indicated that he was currently not not at all sure that we will need a fourth dose“, at the house of France Info.

the variant Omicron of Covid-19 could make it possible to obtain a real herd immunity, and natural thanks to that fast transmission. Thus, an additional dose of vaccine does not appear at the moment “not justified” for Elisabeth Bouvet. For the High Authority for Health, the vaccination schedule is two doses, plus a booster, in the general population. She adds that for those at risk and immunocompromised, a fourth dose could be useful to boost their immunity. On the other hand, for the rest, the data are not yet not in favor another dose.

On herd immunity, she thinks we have it”already had one“. From wave to wave, the impact on hospitalizations in critical care is diminishing. Even if it is necessary to remain cautious with a disease on which we lack information, variants tend to weaken over time, causing less damage to the population, which is generally well immunized.

Near 52 million people have a complete vaccination schedule, which represents 79% of the French population. The President of the Vaccination Technical Commission hopes that with the authorization of the Novavax vaccine, new vaccine hesitant will take the plunge, because the latter is more classic than others in circulation.

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