Covid, the bulletin: 184,615 new cases and 316 deaths. More hospitalizations (+339), stable intensive care

Rome, 13 January 2022 – i Covid infections in Italy In the bulletin Coronavirus today of Ministry of Health and for the first time in two months the weekly curve of new cases falls. On the other hand, i dead which set the new record of the fourth wave, as well as the highest number since last April 28th. The growth trend highlighted by the Gimbe Foundation in its weekly monitoring: deaths in the past seven days have risen 37.4%. The total number of victims with today’s numbers has exceeded the quota 140mila since the beginning of the pandemic. On the hospital front, the increase in numbers continues ordinary hospitalizations, even if at a slower pace than a few days ago, and for the second consecutive they remain stable, with the minus sign in front, terapie intensive.

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Covid, Italy all in dark red: the Ecdc map

I am 184.615 i new cases of Covid identified in Italy in the 24 hours: for the first time in two months the curve on a weekly basis is down (by more than 15%). With 1.181.179 tampons, about 9 thousand less than yesterday, the rate of positivity it drops from 16.5% to 15.6%. THE deaths I am 316 (yesterday 313), a new record of the fourth wave after yesterday’s: similar numbers have not been recorded since April. The total number of victims exceeds 140,000, reaching 140,188. Still slightly down terapie intensive, for the second day in a row: one less today, after yesterday’s -8, with 156 admissions of the day, and the total falling to 1,668. On the other hand, the budget of the ordinary hospitalizations, 339 more, 17,648 in all. The region with the largest number of cases today is confirmed as the Lombardy with 39,683 infections, followed by Campania (+24,451), Emilia Romagna (+20,648), Veneto (17,956) and Piedmont (+14,741). THE total cases they rise to 8,155,345. THE discharged / healed of the last 24 hours are 82,803, while the currently positive grow by 101,458 units and are 2,323,518. Of these, 2,304,202 are in home isolation.

Covid quarantine and isolation: the duration. When to swab

I am 39.683 i new cases of Covid in Lombardy, where 237,324 swabs were carried out, with a ratio of 16.7%, down from 18.3% yesterday. The number of hospitalizations in intensive care is increasing, which are 257, 4 more than yesterday, and those in the other wards, which are 3,452 (+135). THE deaths I am 52, for a total of 35,662 since the start of the pandemic. TO Milano there are 13,192 new cases of which 5,159 in the city. In Bergamo there are 3,762; in Brescia 5,363; in Como 2,261; in Cremona 1,178; in Lecco 1,202; in Lodi 1,024; in Mantua 1,494; in Monza and Brianza 3,242; in Pavia 2.020; in Sondrio 696; in Varese 2,972.

The Campania makes register today 24,451 positive cases, detected against 105,077 processed tests (59,369 antigenic and 45,708 molecular). I am 28 deceased, 19 deaths in the last 48 hours and 10 previously died, but recorded yesterday. Hospital admissions in intensive care are stable, 79, while there are 1,154 hospitalized beds, 28 more than yesterday.

Today 20.648 new cases of Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna and other 38 dead with Covid, including five 50-year-old patients and one 48-year-old. There are 151 patients currently admitted to intensive care (three more than yesterday). Of the total, 100 are not vaccinated. As for the hospitalized in the other Covid departments, there are 2,258 (+71 compared to yesterday), average age 69 years. The active cases today are 259,464 (+16,786), 99% in isolation at home.

I am 17.956 i contagion found in Veneto in the last 24 hours, a figure down from yesterday. The incidence is 11.71% on 153,357 swabs. They also count 38 victims, for a total of 12,659 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are 224,145, almost 9 thousand more than yesterday. 1,808 (+32) patients are hospitalized in hospitals, of which 1,602 (+36) in non-critical area and 206 (-4) in intensive care.

Today the Region Piedmont he communicated 14,741 new cases, equal to 14.8% of 99,791 swabs performed, of which 85,158 antigenic. Of the 14,741 new cases, 10,118 were asymptomatic (68.6%). There are 146 hospitalized patients in intensive care (-1 compared to yesterday), while patients in the ordinary wards are 1,930 (-4 compared to yesterday). There are 158,518 people in home isolation. I am 18 deaths registered in the last 24 hours.

I am 13.151 i new cases of Covid detected in Tuscany compared to 24,353 molecular swabs and 53,035 rapid antigenic swabs. The current positives are 180,914, + 1.2% compared to yesterday. Among these, the hospitalized are 1,296 (20 more than yesterday), of which 123 in intensive care (stable). In the last 24 hours they are registered 20 deaths: 10 men and 10 women with an average age of 75.6 years.

Still a new decline in infections in Sicily. I new positives at Covid they are 11.354 (yesterday there were 13,048), but with fewer swabs processed, 59,167. The positivity rate is down to 19.18%. In the last 24 hours, others have registered 26 dead. The currently positive ones grow by 8,080 units reaching a total number of 149,003. The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 1,300 (+25), with a very slight decrease in intensive care, 163 (-2) with 11 new admissions. There are 149,003 people in home isolation.

“Today in the Lazio, out of 25,567 molecular swabs and 69,001 antigenic swabs for a total of 94,568 swabs, 10,272 positive cases. I am 34 deaths (the data includes recovery of notifications), 1,620 hospitalized patients (-9), 204 intensive care (+2) and 4,207 newly recovered patients. The ratio between positives and swabs is 10.8% “. This was announced by the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, specifying that the almost to Rome cities are at an altitude of 5,061.

I am 5.692 i new positives al Coronavirus in Liguria out of a total of 7,237 molecular swabs and 23,884 rapid antigenic swabs processed. The number of hospitalized patients decreased, in total 716 (11 fewer) with 40 patients in intensive care of which 32 were not vaccinated and 8 were vaccinated. In the last 24 hours they have been recorded 9 deaths: the death toll rises to 4,694 since the beginning of the emergency. The currently positive are 49,164, of which 22,020 in home isolation.

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia have been detected 4,039 new infections: 1,357 out of 11,295 molecular swabs, with a positive percentage of 12.01% and 2,682 out of 20,752 rapid antigenic tests (12.92%). There are 41 people admitted to intensive care, of which 37 are not vaccinated, while 369 patients are hospitalized in other departments. deaths of 11 people between 70 and 96 years old.

I am 3.610 i new positives at Covid ascertained today in Abruzzo, 12.28% of 5,360 molecular swabs and 24,057 antigen tests. The budget of deceased registers A case and rises to 2.681. The currently positive are 60,747: 349 (+11) are hospitalized in the medical area, 37 (+2) in intensive care, while the other 60,361 are in home isolation.

The positivity rate drops slightly from 4.6% to 4.3% Puglia where they have been identified today 3,218 new cases out of 74,753 tests processed. Most of the infections were detected in the province of Bari (+1.224). The currently positive are 62,901: among these 495 are hospitalized in the medical area (5 more than yesterday) and 53 in intensive care (+2). The victims recorded in the last 24 hours are 7 and increase the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 7,039.

I new positives at Covid discovered in Calabria I am 3.207 more than yesterday, while I am 13 the victims. The percentage of swabs tested positive was 22.92%. Hospital pressure is stable: 33 people (-5) are hospitalized in intensive care, while 399 (+5) are being treated in the wards.

A death (1,325 in total) e 2,654 new positives: these are the two main data of today’s bulletin ofSouth Tyrol. Hospital admissions are decreasing, but people in quarantine are increasing significantly. A surge from 12,000 to 20,000 in a single day. The patients in the normal hospital wards are 74 (-4), while the hospitalized in intensive care 16 (-2). On the other hand, 58 are hospitalized in private facilities with agreements.

The new cases of Coronavirus are still down Umbria where, however, others are registered you’re victims (1,546 in all). THE new positives ascertained in the last 24 hours are 2.068, about 600 units less than the previous day. From the analysis of 13,063 antigen tests and 4,169 molecular swabs emerged, with a positive rate of 12% on the total. The patients are 226 (four more), of which 12 (they were 14) in intensive care. The healed are 1,342 and the currently positive rise to 35,044 (720 more in one day).

I am 1.955 i new positives to Covid detected in the last 24 hours in Market, of which 454 symptomatic. The infections represent a positivity of 14.6% on 13,401 swabs analyzed of the screening diagnostic path (17,684 total swabs, in addition to 9,682 heads of the antigenic pathway screening, with 3,885 positives). They also register three victims: deaths since the beginning of the pandemic rise to 3,306. There are 59 hospitalizations in intensive care (+1 compared to yesterday), 65 (+4) in semi-intensive care, 201 (-6) in the other wards.

Over 2 thousand cases in Trentino where 2,357 new positives were identified. In Sardinia one victim and 1,296 infections were recorded. Three deaths and 965 new positives in Basilicata. In Molise 727 cases. One death and 574 new infections in Valle d’Aosta.

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