Covid: testing capacities will be strengthened in the region, announces Gabriel Attal

By Graziella L. Posted January 9, 2022 at 4:25 p.m.

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The demand for PCR and antigen tests is on the rise due to the spread of the Omicron variant, which poses difficulties for pharmacies and laboratories. Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, announced that testing capacities would be strengthened.

To face the tidal wave in the pharmacies and laboratories, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, announced that the testing capacity on the territory would be reinforced very quickly. Many French people flock to the pharmacy for some antigenic tests and PCR, in order to verify whether they are positive or negative for Covid-19.

The government therefore planned the deployment of “several hundred” from screening centers near vaccination centers, in order to meet the demand for tests. Near 10 million people are tested every week and the wait gets longer. In this reinforcement plan, Gabriel Attal indicates that “at low vaccination times, on-site professionals will be able to perform tests“.

He also wants pharmacists to be able to “create their screening centers“, with a “possibility of recruiting themselves temporarily health professionals who will come to work in their own small screening center so that there is more screening done in pharmacies”. In fact, Gabriel Attal believes that “further broaden the number of people authorized to carry out tests”.

Numerous epidemiologists questioned the effectiveness of the government’s testing policy, costly, but the spokesperson “assume“, estimating that” lhe test is an essential tool for controlling the epidemic”.

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