Covid: Spain wants to manage the virus like a seasonal flu

By Graziella L. Posted Jan 15, 2022 1:59 PM

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Many countries around the world are beginning to review their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and are considering easing restrictions. Spain has decided to consider the Covid in the long term as a seasonal flu.

While France persists in implementing the vaccination pass, many countries around the world ease restrictions against Covid-19. Indeed, the variant Omicron folded the cards, gives the hope of true collective immunity and tends to become one endemic virus, as is the seasonal flu. It’s here crisis management what has chosen spain, who decided to normalize the virus in the population.

The country wishes to fundamentally transform its management of the crisis and plans in particular to supervisory reform of the disease. The policy of systematic testing is not viable in the long term, especially since Omicron is particularly contagious, without being more dangerous. The Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, estimate that “we are in a new transition phase of the pandemic. Everything indicates that over time we will go towards an endemic disease“.

After the current wave due to the new variant, the emergency monitoring will change to a “sustained supervision“, which closely resembles that of the seasonal flu. Some pilot projects have already been set up in public centers, a start, before working by statistics with a network of lookout doctors to observe the progress of the virus on the territory. Thus, instead of living like the last two years in constant anguish, the population could be alerted in advance if the contamination goes back suddenly.

For the moment, the incidence rate remains high, which does not allow this arrangement to be put in place. The United Kingdom, on the contrary, has already passed the peak of contaminations and is beginning to drop restrictions to get out of the pandemic as soon as possible. The Spanish Minister of Health called on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control to perceive this crisis in a different way from now on.

Regarding vaccination and a fourth dose in Spain, it should only be reserved for the poorest populations. more at risk, and not in the general population. According to Le Figaro, the Spaniards eventually plan the end of the compulsory mask, gauges or even quarantines, while recommending to accept a number “inevitable” of annual deaths from Covid.

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