Covid, Ricciardi on Sky: “We have not yet reached the peak. In two weeks? We will break through the wall of 300 thousand cases a day “

“We haven’t reached the peak yet, and we can only reach it if, in some way, we equip ourselves. The measures are taking effect, but in my opinion they are not enough at this time to quickly reverse the peak which will continue to be shifted over time, probably at the end of January, beginning of February “. He told it to Sky TG24 Walter Ricciardi, president of the World Federation of Public Health, guest of ‘Good morning‘by answering the question of whether Italy has reached the peak of infections. “If Omicron prevails – he added – there is a doubling of cases practically every 3-4 days. To give an idea: in the first ten days of January we had more than a million cases, that is, there has been a doubling compared to before, and it is clear that if we do not reverse the epidemic curve these doublings will follow one another over a period of ten days. So basically we run the risk of actually having hundreds of thousands of cases ”a day. On the other hand, when asked if we risk half a million cases a day within two weeks, Ricciardi replied that starting “from the average we detected in the last week, of 150-200 thousand cases, 500 thousand seems exaggerated, but they are certainly high numbers , And I believe they will break through the wall of 300,000”.

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