Covid, Rezza’s analysis: “Decline in incidence and departments below critical threshold, but high circulation. It is important to remain cautious “

“Also this week there is one slight descent of the incidence of cases that is fixed at 485 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. Rt remains stable at 0.96, therefore slightly below 1 ″. He says it John RezzaDirector General Prevention of the Ministry of Health in the usual weekly point. “The rate of occupation of the departments ordinary and intensive is respectively 12, 6 and 3.4% – he adds – So there is a marked decline in the occupancy of posts in the medical area while intensive care drops slightly. Both departments, however, are well below the critical threshold “. However, the expert specifies, the circulation viral “It is still quite high” therefore “it is important to continue to maintain the measures inspired by prudence but above all it is particularly important to carry out the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for those who have not yet taken it and the fourth dose for those over 80 or over 60 vulnerable “.


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