Covid, no red zone in the Bergamo area. Crisanti delivers the advice: “Thousands fewer victims”

The advice on the missing red zone in the Bergamo area during the first days of the Covid pandemic was long overdue and today its contours are finally known. The timely implementation of the restrictive measure in the area could save lives. How many Professor Andrea Crisanti, appointed by the prosecutors of Bergamo who investigate for culpable epidemic, does not say, because it is a “fact that must be contextualized”. But it is in a range between 2,000 and 4,000 victims that could have been avoided. An estimate, again according to what has been learned, based on the method relating to the hypothetical progression of the virus from Stefano Merler, consultant of the Scientific Technical Committee In the document there would be an articulated hypothesis of avoidable victims, day by day, since the first cases of coronavirus spread in our country were confirmed.

The microbiologist, professor ofUniversity of Padua, began to discuss with the prosecutor of Bergamo Antonio Chiappani, From the interview with the magistrate regarding the elaborate of about ninety pages with about 10 thousand pages of attachments “critical issues regarding the establishment and timeliness of the red zone” and “the application of the national anticovid pandemic plan” emerged. On the other hand, there was no mention of the alleged, disputed, failure to adapt the Plan, not the subject of the advice entrusted by the prosecutors to Crisanti. Minor criticalities regarding the closure and reopening of the emergency room of the Alzano hospital after the discovery of two cases on February 23, two days after the first official case of Italian Covid was ascertained, in Codogno, in the Lodigiano area. A cleaner told investigators that the facility was not sanitized.

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Even before February 20, 2002, the virus was already circulating among patients and staff in Alzano. There were already “a hundred infections“, According to the investigations carried out by the consultant, comparing the cclinical artelle and subsequent analyzes to detect the coronavirus. “I can say this because it has already been said by the Public Prosecutor – he underlines -: when the first case occurred at the Alzano hospital there were already about one hundred infected”. “Many” of the choices made in that period appear to the professor “taken in good faith on the basis of the knowledge that one had“But it will be up to the prosecutor Chiappani to establish it. What is certain is that for Crisanti it was “humanly demanding” to have “to deal with painful personal stories for a year and a half. But, as the prosecutor said, our task is to establish what happened to the families of the victims ”. “The“ consolidated model ”used by the professor, who had been asked four questions, is the one used in the case of major calamities and catastrophes. In essence, it aims to establish how many people could be saved if the red zone had been applied in Val Seriana a week, ten days earlier, as was decided for Codogno, Casalpusterlengo and Vò Euganeo. Was it a disaster in the Bergamo area? “It’s not for me to say – replies the consultant – but six thousand deaths out of a population of one million inhabitants ..“.

“At present, I consider any externalization premature, which is no longer permitted by article 5 of the recent decree 188”, Chiappani limits himself to explaining. “I am waiting to read (the consultancy ed.) And I await the evaluations of the owners of the investigations for the next few days”, added the magistrate. – The relatives of the victims of the covid in the Bergamo area wanted to thank the consultant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Professor Andrea Crisanti, after he discussed his paper with the Bergamo prosecutors. “They are wounds that do not heal – said Alessandra Raveane handing the professor a bouquet of flowers – but we owe the search for truth to those who are no longer there”. One of the lawyers who assists the relatives of the victims, Consuelo Locati, will request the acquisition of the Crisanti consultancy in the civil proceedings already underway in Rome.

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