Covid, new record of infections in France: 368 thousand cases in 24 hours and 270 deaths. In Great Britain they are still decreasing: 120 thousand

New record of infections in France, where they were registered 368,149 almost recorded in 24 hours, while the deaths were 270. Meanwhile in Great Britain 120,281 were registered, down from yesterday’s 142,224, but with a jump of 379 deaths (which, however, are affected by the recount of the weekend).

In France was the Minister of Health Olivier Véran to anticipate the daily bulletin in front of theNational Assembly. Yesterday there were 93,000 infections, a relatively low number which reflects, like every Monday, the fewest swabs on Sunday. “Even the hospital system – continued Véran – is put to the test. There are 22 thousand patients hospitalized for Covid, 3,900 in intensive care in a period also marked by the flu and the consequences of bronchiolitis, which was particularly strong this year “.

Instead, the decline in infections from Covid begins to consolidate in the United Kingdom, which falls in the last 24 hours to 120,821, more than 20,000 cases less than yesterday and more than 100,000 below the peak of a week ago fueled by Omicron. This is certified by official data, against the background of the extremely limited restrictions imposed by the government of Boris Johnson against the new variant, instead faced with a record acceleration in Europe in the share of third booster doses of vaccines administered. The descent – on a daily average of tampons including these days between 1.6 and 2 million – is now also sanctioned with respect to the weekly case curve. The deaths counted are 379, weighed down, however, by the usual statistical recovery of late data relating to the weekend which had lightened yesterday’s count to 77. While it seems to slow down the increase in hospital admissions: stop under a total of 19,000 in the whole country after the last national update brought from the date of 4 to that of January 6.

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