Covid: is it possible to get the vaccine pass if you have a contraindication to vaccination?

By Cécile D. Posted on January 8, 2022 at 9:35 a.m.

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Hundreds of French people cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19, for medical reasons. Are these people left on the side of the road, with the arrival of the vaccination pass? We take stock.

the health pass is about to turn into pass vaccinal : when the law is adopted by Parliament, and comes into force, only one complete vaccination schedule or one COVID-19 recovery certificate will allow you to obtain the pass, this sesame that allows you to enter the leisure places like restaurants or cinemas.

The vast majority of French people are now vaccinated; however, there are approximately five million citizens eligible who have not yet received a dose of the vaccine. Among them, we find people who do not cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

What are these contraindications to vaccination against Covid? According to the websiteHealth Insurance, several conditions can prevent individuals from being vaccinated, such as a history of allergic certain components of the vaccine, syndromes and diseases declared or reactions very violent observed after the first injection.

These French people who cannot be vaccinated, and who until then obtained their health pass thanks to screening tests will they lose the privilege of going out in places subject to the vaccination pass?

Good news: the bill currently being examined by Parliament has not forgotten these non-vaccineable French people. A special procedure had already been put in place for the health pass. People with a contraindication to vaccination should ask their doctor a contraindication certificate. This document will be sent to theHealth Insurance who will have to validate it.

If the certificate is validated, ” the patient will receive his “activities” health pass within a maximum of one week after his file has been considered admissible. This pass will allow him to access all the places and activities subject to the health pass on the national territory, with the QR Code associate », Assures the Directorate General of Health in a press release. This procedure will not change for the vaccination pass, the new law being studied keeps this protocol identical.

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