Covid, incidence skyrocketing: almost 2,000. Rt at 1.56

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Rome, January 14, 2022 – Lweekly incidence of Covid cases it is always higher. Nationwide it continues increases up to 1,988 for every 100,000 inhabitants (07/01/2022 -13/01/2021) against 1,669 per 100,000 inhabitants (31/12/2021 -06/01/2021, data from the Ministry of Health). Valle d’Aosta records the highest incidence this week, reaching 3,087.3 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Liguria follows with a value of 2,845.7 and Emilia Romagna with 2,783.7.

In the period 22 December 2021 – 4 January 2022, theMean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was instead equal to 1.56 (range 1.24 – 1.8), a further increase compared to the previous week – when it was equal to 1.43 – and well above the epidemic threshold. This is evidenced by the weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health.

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Front hospitals. The employment rate continues to grow in intensive care: sale al 17,5% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 13 January) compared to the figure of 15.4% referring to 6 January. Also the occupancy rate in medical areas nationally it rises to 27,1% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 13 January against 21.6% on 6 January).

Contagion front. Double the number of new Covid cases not associated with transmission chains (649,489 versus 309,903 the previous week). The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing activity is in sharp decline (13% versus 16% last week). The percentage of cases detected through the appearance of symptoms is also decreasing (48% versus 50%) and the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities is increasing (39% versus 34%).

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