Covid in Italy, 38,219 new cases and 175 deaths. Down the admissions.

Rome, 5 August 2022 – There are 38,219 new ones cases from Coronavirus register in Italy in the last 24 hours, 175 deaths. The last one reports Covid bulletin of the Ministry of Health. The number of beds occupied in the area is still decreasing ordinary departments (-337), fewer patients also in intensive therapies (-11). The region with the most Covid cases remains Lombardy with 4,692 infections, followed by Veneto (+4,470), Campania (+3,323), Emilia Romagna (+3,224) and Lazio (+3,221).

The latest ISS data: indexes down

The rate of intensive care occupation it is down to 3.6% on 4 August against 4.1% on 28 July. The one in the medical areas it drops to 15.2% against 17% in the same reference periods. This is indicated by the ISS monitoring, which also shows that the contagiousness index has fallen below the epidemic threshold at 0.90. It had been closer to that value on June 17 when it was recorded at 0.83. The weekly incidence is still decreasing, which is fixed at 533 per 100 thousand inhabitants in the period 29 July-4 August compared to 727 the week before.

New variant

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are monitoring the spread across the US of a new “worrying variant” of Covid: some American media say this. The mutation is BA.4.6, a derivative of BA.4: the new sub-variant, according to some sources, would have started to appear a few weeks ago and is now growing strongly in 4 states in particular: in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri , and Nebraska, where it represents almost 11% of the total number of new infections. It is currently unknown whether BA.4.6 causes more severe disease.

New Covid variant, because Omicron BA.4.6 worries

The Covid bulletin: Pdf table

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