Covid: Health authorities unfavorable to a generalization of FFP2 masks, according to Véran

By Manon C. Posted on January 11, 2022 at 12:15 p.m.

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The High Council for Public Health was unfavorable concerning the generalization to the entire French population of wearing the FFP2 protective mask.

While several countries, like Austria, have declared themselves in favor of general use of the FFP2 protective mask, even going so far as to make it compulsory outdoors, Olivier Véran announced during a hearing at Senate, this Monday January 10, 2022, that the French health authorities were not going to follow the same path.

“The opinion of the HCSP (the High Council of Public Health, Editor’s note) would not go towards an extension of the FFP2 port. “ declared the health Minister, although this, especially used by caregivers, is considered to be more protective than other types of protective masks (surgical or fabric) against the Omicron variant, which is itself more transmissible than the previous variants.

Indeed, while no scientific study had then demonstrated that generalization of the wearing of the FFP2 mask had a positive impact on the epidemic at the population level, the Executive asked for its opinion High Council of Public Health. And the latter showed himself unfavorable to the extension of the FFP2 mask to the entire French population.

According to the HCSP, we are quite far from extending FFP2 to other professional categories (than caregivers). “ said the minister. Likewise, “including in the field of caregivers”, the FFP2 mask is recommended for those “which are considered today as at risk because’exposed to droplets.” clarified Olivier Véran.

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