Covid: do people first vaccinated with Janssen need a 3rd dose?

By Cécile D. Posted on January 12, 2022 at 3:10 p.m.

The Janssen vaccine differed from others by offering only one injection, sufficient to be protected against Covid-19. Health officials decided that a second dose was needed, at least four weeks after the first. Should a third dose also be given, as with other vaccines? We take stock.

Simple and effective: in just one injection, the vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) promised to protect us from the Covid-19, where its competitors required two doses. This advantage disappeared with the vaccination booster campaign: a second shot of the vaccine was imposed on French first-vaccinated with Janssen at the end of 2021. They must now prepare to receive a third, like the rest of adults vaccinated.

Four weeks after receiving their dose of Janssen vaccine, the French concerned therefore had to take a booster dose. This new injection was to be performed with a messenger RNA vaccine. In its recommendation, published on August 24, 2021, the HAS advised: for ” people who have received the Janssen vaccine for the first time, [il faut] that a booster dose with an mRNA vaccine (Comirnaty® or Spikevax®) be offered to them from 4 weeks after the first injection. »

To keep their sanitary pass activated with the vaccination certificate, these individuals had to take their booster dose before December 15, 2021.

The vaccination journey of people who have chosen Janssen no longer stops at this second dose. Three months after their second bite, these individuals are eligible for a third dose : their second booster dose. This third dose is also necessary to keep the health pass or the future. pass vaccinal, indicates the government on its site.

Thus, if you had your first injection with Janssen, you must have had your booster dose before December 15, 2021. Three months after this second dose, you will have to take a third one again to keep your pass. Note that if you have been infected with Covid-19 after your second dose, you do not need to take the 3rd dose right away. You continue to be protected, and you keep your pass until three months after the date of the positive screening test, specifies the site of the Ministry of Health.

According to data from CovidTracker, France counted 1,071,591 people vaccinated with Janssen on January 6, 2022. On the same date, Santé Publique France announced that nearly 34% of French people had received their booster dose.

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