Covid Bulletin: almost 40 thousand new cases in Italy. All data with the table region by region

Rome, June 14, 2022 – The contagion curve starts to rise again in Italy: today there are just under 40 thousand new ones contagionscompared with 73 deaths, and a positivity rate that soars to 17.3%. This is what emerges from the bulletin today released by Ministry of Health. The number of patients hospitalized in the medical area (-11) and in resuscitation (-10) is slightly decreasing.

Yesterday’s bulletin, June 13th


The bulletin of June 14
The bulletin of June 14

“I’m afraid at this point also in Italy there will be another summer wave“of Covid-19,” with about 100 thousand infections per day detected “by the daily bulletins, in addition to the submerged quota which, as already happens, is not counted. The virologist Fabrizio Pregliascoprofessor at the State University of Milan, makes this prediction at Adnkronos Salute, in light of the diffusion of sub-variants Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 which produced a boom of positives in Portugal And Germany. The German health minister spoke bluntly of an ongoing “summer wave”, supported by the new Omicrons even more transmissible than the currently dominant 2. “We will need stringent recommendations”, warns the medical director of Irccs Galezzi, to cope with an earlier peak than that initially expected in the autumn.

Omicron 5, identikit of the variant that traces the infections. The aspects that worry

Meanwhile, tomorrow, June 15, a further easing of anti-Covid measures will arrive: it will fall the obligation to wear a mask for cinema, theaters And indoor sports venues. However, not all restrictions will be removed. The obligation remains for the means of public transport, hospitals And Rsa. This was confirmed by the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa. “For transport, a extension the use of the mask until the end of September. They are particularly crowded places so it is good to keep a little more prudence, as well as in hospitals and RSA – explains Costa – tomorrow, however, there will be another further step towards normality “. On the mask at the final exams:”The maturity exam without a mask it is a great sign for our children and for everyone, another sign of our return to normality. It is also a sign of consistency. Because an 18-year-old boy could go to vote without a mask and a week later be forced to wear it for exams “.

The epidemic curve in Italy is clearly growing again. I’m 39,474 new Covid cases recorded in the last 24 hours, against 10,371 yesterday but above all 28,082 last Tuesday, an increase of almost 30% on a weekly basis. THE tampons 228,559 were processed (yesterday 74,636) with the positivity rate rising from 13.9% to 17.3%. THE deaths I’m 73 (yesterday 41). The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic thus rise to 167,505. Still decreasing instead i hospitalizationswhich follow the wave at least two weeks apart: the intensive therapies there are 10 fewer patients (yesterday +10) with 24 daily admissions, and there are 183 in all. In the ordinary wards there are instead 11 fewer patients (yesterday +92), for a total of 4,199.

The region with the largest number of cases today is the Lombardy with 6,204 infections, followed by Lazio (+4.939), Campania (+3.833), Veneto (+3.706) and Sicily (+3.004). Total cases since the start of the pandemic come to 17,703,887. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 52,817 (15,913 yesterday) for a total that rises to 16,932,500. The currently positive are 13,046 less (yesterday -5,286) for a total that drops to 603,882. Of these, 599,500 are in home isolation.

I’m 6,204 the new positives at Covid registered in Lombardy in the last 24 hours e 15 deaths, thus bringing the total death toll since the start of the pandemic to 40,691. The swabs carried out are 37,794, with a test-positive ratio that jumps to 16.4%. Intensive care admissions decreased: 20 (-1) while those in ordinary wards increased: 474 (+29).

Today in the Lazio out of 4,902 molecular swabs and 22,201 antigenic swabs for a total of 27,103 swabs, 4,939 new cases positive (2,954 in Rome city), e 6 deaths (+2). The ratio of positives to swabs is 18.2%. The hospitalized are 467 (-5), 29 in intensive care (stable data).

I’m 3,833 the positives of the day in Campaniaof which 3,597 antigenic and molecular 236 positive. A total of 18,921 swabs were carried out, of which 14,686 antigenic and 4,235 molecular. There are two victims.

Abrupt rebound of the contagions Covid in Veneto, 3.706 in the last 24 hours, a number that carries with it, however, also the cases traced probably over the weekend and not counted in the Monday report (they were only 605). Another figure that signals a worsening is the return of the current positives in the region above 30,000 (exactly 30,554). The victims since the beginning of the epidemic they have risen to 14,742, 3 more compared to the previous day, and the total infections since the beginning of the health crisis become 1,777,504. The situation in hospitals also worsens, limited to admissions in non-critical areas: there are 442 (+8) Covid patients in medical wards, while 23 (-2) are in intensive care.

Other 3,675 new positives in Sicily, for a total of 18,173 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. Sign in 11 deaths, for a total of 11,062 since the beginning of the pandemic. The hospitalizations in ordinary hospitalization are 548 (-33 compared to yesterday), those in intensive care are 25 (-1). The region of Sicily also communicates that 381 cases of contagion and 9 deaths relate to previous days.

I’m 3,004 new cases of contagion from Coronavirus ascertained in Puglia on the last day. This is 20.46% of the 14,678 tests processed. Bari is the province in which the highest number of new cases have been recorded: 985. The currently positive ones are 20,548 of which 206 hospitalized in a non-critical area (31 less than yesterday) and 10 in intensive care (one less than to yesterday). The victims of the virus are 8 which bring the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 8,565.

Growing i cases from Coronavirus in Tuscany that I am today 2,181average age 47, and where others are registered 2 deaths. It was from 17 May that there were no more than 2 thousand cases per day at the regional level. There is also an increase in hospitalizations that rise to 229 (10 more than yesterday), of which 13 in intensive care (stable). Today 1,587 molecular swabs and 10,347 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 18.3% were positive. On the other hand, 3,229 subjects tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 67.5% were positive.

Infections from Covid in 24 hours almost quadrupled Sardinia. A leap that brings i new cases ascertained at altitude 1,740 (+1,292). A total of 6,410 swabs were processed, between molecular and antigenic, for a positivity rate that fell from 32.6% to 27.1%. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 6 (-1), those in the medical area 105 (+4). Cases of home isolation increase, in all 11,659 (+577). They register 3 new deaths.

I’m 1,737 new infections in Emilia Romagna, out of 11,332 swabs in the last 24 hours. The admissions to intensive care units drop to 25 (-4), while in the other Covid departments they are 681 (+1). The active cases, in the regional bulletin, rise to 18,913 (+585), the healed 1,147 more. I’m 5 the dead.

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