Covid, Brusaferro: “Hospitalizations in the youngest are limited but are growing. Median age of positives is 37 years “

“The 20-29 age group reports the highest number of cases on the rise followed by the 10-19 and 30-39 age groups”. Like this Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health, analyzing the weekly data of the regional monitoring Covid. The curve specifies “is growing even for even younger age groups”. Looking at hospitalizations in younger people, Brusaferro continues: “They are limited but they are growing, although in the last week they seem to contract somewhat. But it should be remembered that the numbers are fortunately limited “.

Speaking in general, however, Brusaferro points out, the median age of those who contract the infection “is 37 years”, while those who are hospitalized “have a median age of 67 years”.

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