Covid, Brusaferro: “Acute epidemic situation. It is important to reverse the growth trend of hospitalizations to avoid overloading of services “

“One is confirmed situation epidemic acute, with a weekly incidence that has reached almost 2000 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and with a transmission speed that remains significantly above the value of 1 ″. Thus the president Iss Silvio Brusaferro commenting on the weekly monitoring. According to Brusaferro: “It is important that the trend of the growth of admissions can be inverted to try to avoid overloading of services which are already heavily involved today “.

Even the 30-day projections on hospitalizations for Covi19, underlines Brusaferro, “show a significantly present probability of occupancy of the medical area beds in all regions”. According to projections, the load will be greater, in fact, for places in the medical area and “more contained” for intensive care.

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