Covid, Austria cancels the quarantine: positive outside the home with the Ffp2 (even outdoors)

Vienna, 26 July 2022 – Covid Austriathe government announced a radical change en route in the management of the pandemic Coronavirus. Those who are positive no longer automatically end up in fortybut can leave the house wearing it though the mask Ffp2. In the morning, the commission of experts approved the draft of the ordinance, writes the newspaper Der Standard on its news portal. The new measures will come into effect the first of August. There are no regional regulations, for this reason the end of the quarantine will also affect the capital Vienna, which so far has always followed a more rigid line than the other laender.

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The Ffp2 must be worn by the positives even outdoors, when a minimum spacing of two meters cannot be guaranteed. The mask must be worn correctly and changed regularly, it is emphasized in the ordinance. The positives will not be able to access facilities with “vulnerable people”, such as hospitals, kindergartens, elementary schools. People with a positive test will not be able to work who for health or professional reasons, such as musicians, cannot wear an Ffp2 mask.

It is on back to school? What decisions will the Central European nation par excellence take? The Ministry of Education is thinking of a return with masks for all, students and employees of the institutes, and to the rule of interpersonal distancing.

Covid, from 1 August in Austria the positives will be able to leave home with the Ffp2
Covid, from 1 August in Austria the positives will be able to leave home with the Ffp2

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