Covid-19: initially, Olivier Véran was " against the health pass "

Sacred reversal of the situation. This Thursday, January 13, the sprinkler saw itself watered and that must have made people happy against the vaccine. Indeed, Olivier Véran saw himself affected in turn by the Covid-19. The Minister of Health announcing the sad news on his account Twitter: “I have just tested positive for Covid. As a result, I am going into isolation and continuing to perform my duties remotely”. Like what, the “vaccine does not protect that much” some will say while others will recall that at no time had the government announced that it was impossible to contract the virus by being vaccinated.
In any case, the statement of the member of the government of Emmanuel Macron should be talked about again in a few days. January 16, France 5 will broadcast its third episode of the documentary review of France 5 titled Five Years, directed by Jérôme Bermyn and Raphaëlle Baillot reminds our colleagues of Gala. An episode, shot several months ago, in which Olivier Véran holds a totally different speech than that of today. Where it is possible to hear the Minister of Health confess: “I have never hidden it, the concept of sanitary pass is quite foreign to me. I am rather opposed to it in principle”, he says in part of the episode. The one who has just been tested positive for Covid-19 going even further and dropping: “Besides, I say: ‘You don’t have to ask for a health pass to go to a restaurant.’ But … a fourth wave arrives. A hyper contagious Delta variant. A large part of the population is vaccinated, the other is not … “
In the end, even if he said he was against the health pass, he did not say he was against the vaccine either. Olivier Véran has therefore kept the same speech since the start of the pandemic. No offense to some …

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