Coveted by OM and PSG, this coach took two slaps

Now retired, when he will soon be celebrating his 68th birthday, Christian Gourcuff can now share some secrets about his long career as a coach. And especially on the fact that he almost joined PSG and OM, but nothing happened as he thought.

In the wake of his career as a midfielder, and even as a player-coach, Christian Gourcuff decided in 1982 that this job as a coach suited him perfectly. Former math teacher, the Breton technician had the career we know, but everything stopped in December 2020 when Waldemar Kita decided to sack him after a defeat against Strasbourg at Beaujoire. Gourcuff then decided that it was time for him to turn the page, turning his back on football, since he did not keep consulting activity in the media, even admitting that he no longer subscribed to sports channels. This Sunday, in a long interview in L’Equipe, the now former coach looks back on his long career and he admits that on two occasions he was close to joining a very large engine in Ligue 1, since Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille thought of Christian Gourcuff at some point in their history.

PSG and OM want to see Gourcuff

And the father of Yoann Gourcuff to say a little more about these discussions with PSG and OM. ” I had two contacts with two big clubs. Charles Biétry, who had just taken over from Michel Denisot as head of PSG in 1998, contacted me. I meet him in Paris, but the management of Canal + says no. I came from D2, I didn’t have a flashy name. The second time, a manager from Marseille calls me, because Abel Braga was fired in November 2000. He gives me an appointment in Paris, with Robert Louis-Dreyfus. I arrive with my computer, I am received very politely, but I realize, after two minutes, that he has nothing to do with it. I’m talking about football, I’m not interested “, Testifies Christian Gourcuff, who therefore did not sign at PSG or OM, which does not really seem to have traumatized him.

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