Courtois is too strong, Real applauds!

Thibaut Courtois has already made an impression in Belgium’s first match. A performance that caused a stir as far as Madrid.

At complete rest in terms of competition, the clubs obviously follow the World Cup and draw some lessons from it. Well placed with the management of Real Madrid, the media Defensa Central reports discussions between the leaders of the Spanish club about the situation of goalkeepers, which has long been tense. Like what happened last season at PSG, Keylor Navas was an immutable holder in Madrid before seeing a big transfer arrive in his paws. At Real, it was with Thibaut Courtois, who took a long time to establish himself in Spain but ended up becoming essential. And the Belgian giant was even one of the best Madrid players last season in the Champions League.

Real happy with Courtois

Enough to forget Keylor Navas, even if the socios have long defended the Costa Rican, as was also the case at PSG. But with the first games of the World Cup, doubt is no longer allowed, and Real Madrid are happy not to have cracked when Courtois was at the heart of criticism. Navas was in deep trouble and very uninspired against Spain, winning the ball seven times in the back of his net. For its part, the Red Devil was incredible once again against Canada, for a great performance highlighted worldwide. The competition between the two men, which was in full swing during the 2018-2019 season, now seems unthinkable and Real Madrid are not even looking for a competitor to Courtois, the latter is so impressive at each meeting. The White House was also pleased to have succeeded in bringing in the man who can legitimately be presented as the best goalkeeper in the world.

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